The Story of Vavesaari

Vavesaari farm was founded on an island in Puulavesi in 1700s.  From the start it became known for its unique delicacies which the people on the farm produced from the offerings of their own land.

Now, almost 300 years later, we manufacture our products according to our family's long traditions, using only the best raw ingredients, respecting both nature and our customers.

The secret of our delicacies

We are often asked why our products are so delicious. The answer is simple: the delicacies are created from recipes kept on our farm from one generation to generation, using berries from clean forests and organically farmed crops, together with out ongoing product development.

Natural flavours

Instead of artificial ingredients they contain a drop of morning dew, summer breeze and sunshine. We work with our roots in the ground, for the love of nature and its flavours. You can taste this love in our gourmet delicacies.